Photo:Reija Hirvikoski

The Energy games organized during the fall of 2016 and winter of 2017 form the first stage of PolicyOnEnergy.Motion / Energy.discource. The point of the project is to find solutions to the effects climate change, transition from fossil fuels, and the structural changes in society and working life might have on an individual’s life. In the Energy games the audience and the experts confront these questions together.

The small local energy plot is the center stage of the games. During the game “the Players”, aka the experts, deal with different challenges and questions the protagonist, or “the Citizen”, will meet trying to set up and maintain the plot. One game will concentrate on two problems or questions, and there will be two to three experts per problem, so total of four to six players will play the game at a time. The Energy games are open to public and members of the audience are welcomed to participate in the game.

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