The project

PolicyOnEnergy.Performance is a three-year, large-scale project by Live Art Society that was launched in 2016. It is a utopian documentary theatre and research project. Its background is in performing arts, but it’s executed as a collaboration between the arts and sciences where theatrical methods are used in a new environment. The stage for the project is a real, small energy plot that produces information and various solutions for future power generation challenges. The plot is an actual existing piece of Finnish soil.

PolicyOnEnergy.Performance dicource pursues to locate and examine alternative ways to produce renewable, distributed energy in a fictional near future setting. In the framework of the games, Energy production is considered to include not only electricity and fuel production but food and mental wellness as well. The point of the project is to find solutions to the effects that climate change, transition from fossil fuels, and structural changes in society and working life might have on an individual’s life.

The Energy games organized during the fall of 2016 and winter of 2017 form the first stage of PolicyOnEnergy.PeroformanceThe audience and the specialists confront the questions together in the Energy games and the center of the stage is the small local energy plot. During the game “the Players”, aka the experts, deal with different challenges and questions the protagonist, or “the Citizen”, will meet trying to set up and maintain the plot. The themes of the first game are the recultivation of the plot and its energy resources. The Energy games are documented and the results are posted on the PolicyOnEnergy.Performance website after the game. The games are designed to bring together scholars, entrepreneurs and citizens interested in the issue.

The second stage of the project, in summer 2017, is an actual power generator plot with cultivated land and local energy resources. The plot will be set up in the Science Park Galilei in The Finnish Science Center Heureka and is meant to run for at least two years. Local energy resources and food production methods are modeled in the near future setting based on the information derived from the plot’s success. Foresights are based on scenarios produced with scientific standards. The specialists will work on a guidebook during the project and publish scientific papers on the matter. There will be a documentary film about the process and the results of the project, including other experiments and projects about the same issue.


The project’s eight objectives:

  • Bring society’s hidden progressions to a head and make them more concrete.
  • Use dystopia to demonstrate possible consequences the breakdown of a welfare state could have.
  • Use utopia to create and study a survival method in case of welfare state’s breakdown.
  • Locate problems between individual action and system operations preventing individuals from helping themselves and propose solutions to these problems.
  • Create concrete cross-art and multidisciplinary research and report it.
  • Apply theatrical thought and techniques in a new way.
  • Support the progress of distributed energy resource systems.
  • Create a common forum and network for researchers, artists, entrepreneurs, and citizens interested in renewable, distributed energy generation.


In 2016 the first stage of the project has been funded by Kone Foundation (Koneen Säätiö), Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taiteen edistämiskeskus) and Teaterstiftelsen Vivicas Vänner.


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